The D 666 MPCV/MPC are our advanced medical rotary sealers for sealing and coding medical sterilization pouches. These sealers are developed to seal pouches according to DIN 58953 Part 7 and is suitable for packing sterilized products according to ISO 11607 and EN 868. Using a multi-line seal, self correcting seal pressure and an in-feed speed of 10m/min., the D666 MPCV/MPC can be used for closing paper/polypropylene or Tyvec pouches. The built-in matrix printer can be used to print: date, operator name, serial number and codes, directly on the pouches according to the most recent tracking standards (EN 980 symbols). The D666MPC can be programmed through the keypad, but can also be connected to a PC/network to be programmed. The validatable version; D666MPCV can be used for validatable processes trough constant monitoring of all seal parameters and alarm / block functions when a parameter is out of range