Seal length 300 mm (max)
Bag length 100 – 500 mm (min-max) 310 mm – support table
Bag width 75-300 mm (min-max)
Seal width 1,5 mm
Capacity max. 30 bags / min (depending on bag size, film and way of filling)
Knife No
Pedal operated Yes/No (pedal is optional)
Covering Epoxy/Stainless Steel
Type of film Rollbags, PE
Thickness of film 25-150 micron
Type of package Bag
Diameter film roll max. 255 mm
Max. reel core diameter 27 mm
Dimensions (l x w x h) 450 x 650 x 595 mm
Voltage 230 V-1ph-50 /60 Hz
Consumption 500 W